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Remote sensing and leaf spectroscopy

We are collecting leaf spectral properties and leaf traits from tropical forests throughout the planet to better use remote sensing to understand tropical forest ecosystem function.

Red dots indicate locations where we have collected leaf spectra.


Key papers

Doughty, C.E., D.B. Metcalfe, C. A. J. Girardin, et al.,  Can leaf spectroscopy predict leaf and forest traits along a Peruvian tropical forest elevation gradient? 2017 JGR Biogeosciences PDF

Doughty, C.E., Asner, G.P. and Martin, R.E. (2011) Predicting tropical plant physiology from leaf and canopy spectroscopy. Oecologia, 165(2): 289-299. PDF

Chavana‐Bryant, C.,  Malhi, Y., Wu, J., Asner, G.P., Anastasiou, A., Enquist, B.J.,  Caravasi, C., Doughty, C.E.,  Saleska, S.R., Martin, R.E., Gerard, F.F. (2016) Leaf aging of Amazonian canopy trees as revealed by spectral and physiochemical measurements. New Phytologist

Doughty, C.E. and Goulden, M.L. (2008) Seasonal patterns of tropical forest leaf area index and CO2 exchange.Journal of Geophysical Research, 113. PDF 

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